1.2 – What of Fiction: Ghost Stories – A Year 7 Scheme of Work


What are stories? What are they for? How do they work? Why do they begin how they begin? How do they engage us and keep us engaged? How are they structured? And how do the entertain us whilst also teaching us something about the real world (without ghosts)?

  • Lesson 1:The Big Question: how do you hook the reader?
  • Lesson 2:The Big Question: how does Dickens “do it”?
  • Lesson 3:Big Question: Why use the First Person in a Ghost Story?
  • Lesson 4: Why is Edgar Allan Poe credited as being the master of the Ghost Story?
  • Lesson 5:The Big Question: How many different ways can tell the same ghost story?
  • Lesson 6: The Big Question: How do we keep the reader engaged?
  • Lesson 7:The Big Question: how do I maintain the reader’s engagement?
  • Lesson 8: The Big Question: how does H G Wells structure his story?
  • Lesson 9:The Big Question: how do we write about fiction?
  • Lesson 10:The Big Question: how does Dickens do what Dickens does?
  • Lesson 11:The Big Question: how does Dickens’ ‘The Signal Man’ work?
  • Lesson 12:Essay Question: How does Dickens engage the reader in ‘The Signal Man’?