1.3 – The How of Fiction – A Year 8 Scheme of Work

What is Fiction? How does it work? Why is it written?


Focusing on how we write about fiction, from embedding quotations to writing from the reader’s and the writer’s point of view, to explicitly considering structure and writing about it.

  • Lesson 1: Embedding quotations fully into your own analysis & evaluation
  • Lesson 2: Telling the story of the writer’s PoV / thinking / motivation – with each choice made
  • Lesson3: Analyse how a certain type of story works
  • Lesson 4:Telling the story of the reader’s PoV / thinking / feelings / expectations
  • Lesson 5&6:How do we write about structure?
  • Lesson 7: Writing about what the author is doing to the reader
  • Lesson 8: Structure = Why are we being shown this here/now? 
  • Lesson 9: George Saunders’ ‘How’ of the Short Story 
  • Lesson 10: The Why: why is it being done?
  • Lesson 11: More How & more Why
  • Lesson 12:Structure = Why are we being shown this here/now?