In the Cage by Henry James

in the cage

Another amazing novella by James (35,000words), written about the same time as the far more famous The Turn of the Screw. The story centres on a woman who works in the cage of the title: a wooden structure in which the telegram operators worked, and at which the well-to-do would call in order to send telegrams, something the well-to-do did as a matter of course. The unnamed protagonist takes a shine to one of these well-heeled chaps, inveigles her way into his affairs, and gets horribly wrapped up in his life, to the point where everything in her life is at stake. James is a master of building a story out of nothing, and dragging the reader through the most abstruse of intricacies and subtleties, to the point where the reader desperately weighs every word, every half-gesture and every comma.

Mr A


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