Within a Budding Grove – Volume 2 of In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust

within a budding grove

Proust is off to the seaside, where he comes across the next object of his affections: Albertine Simonet. More ponderous mediations on love and desire, memory and meaning. Full of beautiful observation: “ I saw, a long way away, coming in our direction, the Princesse de Luxembourg, half leaning upon a parasol in such a way as to impart to her tall and wonderful form that slight inclination, to make it trace that arabesque dear to the women who had been beautiful under the Empire, and knew how, with drooping shoulders, arched backs, concave hips and taut legs, to make their bodies float as softly as a silken scarf about the rigid armature of an invisible shaft which might be supposed to have transfixed it.”


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