Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer

Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeerA science fiction novel that’s been getting a lot of attention recently, this is the first in a trilogy: I’ll not, however, be going any further. Stephen King says he’s “loving the Southern Reach Trilogy”, describing it as “Creepy and fascinating”. The Guardian describes it as “Hauntingly weird and brilliantly new”, as a “contemporary masterpiece”; a “modern mycological masterpiece” which is “remarkable”, which is “tense, eerie and unsettling”; claiming that VanderMeer “writes much better prose than Poe ever did”; insisting that this is “genuinely potent and dream-haunting writing” and a “lasting monument to the uncanny”; that the reader will find themselves “afraid to turn the page”. I didn’t. According to the Financial Times “VanderMeer’s novel is a psycho-geographical tour de force, channelling Ballard and Lovecraft to instil the reader with a deep, delicious unease”. I wasn’t so instilled. It kinda worked. It’s written in pretty clunky prose. And the story’s dynamic is a bit weak and predictable. Ho-hum.

Mr A


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