Crash by J G Ballard



People who get a sexual kick out of cars, crashing cars, car crash injuries. That’s what this novel is about. If you want to read what Zadie Smith has to say about herself and this novel, which pretty much sums up what everyone feels they have to say about this novel and themselves, you can read it here:

“In Ballard’s work there is always this mix of futuristic dread and excitement, a sweet spot where dystopia and utopia converge. For we cannot say we haven’t got precisely what we dreamed of, what we always wanted, so badly. The dreams have arrived, all of them: instantaneous, global communication, virtual immersion, biotechnology. These were the dreams. And calm and curious, pointing out every new convergence, Ballard reminds us that dreams are often perverse.”

Yes, well. There you go.


Mr A


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