The Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins (Why it’s really not very good.)


The Girl on The Train by Paula HawkinsAccording to the guardian “There’s nothing new under the sun – or in the world of big-selling commercial fiction – but Paula Hawkins has come up with an ingenious slant on the currently fashionable amnesia thriller.” I would argue that she has not.

This novel is pointless; it is crass and almost without merit. As the Guardian review points out – it’s not novel. There’s nothing new in this novel, so what is the point of it? If a novel just the same thing as has been done before, why has someone expended hundreds of hours writing it, and why expect tens of thousands of us to expend a half a dozen hours reading it? Why indeed. But we do. We did. We read this novel in our droves.

I suppose if all one wants to do is to pass the time, there are worse ways of doing it, ways that are damaging to the environment or to ourselves; spending a few hours reading this novel won’t do you any actual harm. But where there are George Eliot novels you’ve not read, Jane Austen novels you’ve not read, Nabokov novels you could have been reading, then…

The only point to this novel is to find out who killed the girl. You find out. But you would be well advised to skip to the last few pages and spend the time you’ve saved reading something worthwhile, where new things are done, exciting ways of writing are discovered, and different experiences and individualities are artfully opened up to you.


Mr A


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