The World According to Garp by John Irving

The World According to Garp by John Irving

The Blurb… “The main story in The World According to Garp […] is of a man with a famous mother, a man who reaches toward fame himself.  Jenny Fields is the black sheep daughter of an aristocratic New England family; she becomes, almost by accident, a feminist leader ahead of her time.  Her son, T.S. Garp (named for a father he never saw), has high ambitions for his artistic career, but he has an even higher, obsessive devotion to his wife and children. Surrounding Garp and Jenny are a wide assortment of people: schoolteachers and whores, wrestlers and radicals, editors and assassins, transsexuals and rapists, and husbands and wives.  It is John Irving’s special gift that all his characters, even the least lovable among them, are portrayed not just vividly but affectionately.” However, how an affectionate and sometimes humorous portrayal of an odd ragtag of caricatures bumbling through slightly strange happenings claimed such respect and admiration amongst readers I cannot understand. Beneath a rather curious charm, this book says almost nothing about anything, raising the question: what is fiction for? Mere diversion?


Mr A

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