‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ by Jay Asher.

thirteen-reasons-why-by-jay-asherA new girl in town, Hannah Baker has high hopes for a new life. However rumours, betrayal and revenge affect her life more than anyone can see; for Hannah the only way to escape is to remove herself from the equation. Before committing suicide, she records a series of 7 tapes. The novel follows high school student Clay Jensen who one day, 2 weeks Hannah’s suicide, receives a package of the 7 tapes with very clear instructions; he is to listen to the tapes to find out how he fits into the puzzle of her death and then mail them to the next person on a list of 13 names. Jay Asher directly addresses issues facing modern day students in an eerie, mysterious but at the same time hard hitting and powerful way. As a reader, you are constantly left waiting to find out who is next on Hannah’s list and what for possible reason they could be on it, finding out at the same time as the characters do themselves. Asher has created and entrancing character study and a look into the psyche and thoughts of an individual who made this unfortunate choice. Furthermore, the novel teaches you that the actions that you carry out could potentially affect someone’s life drastically; you start to put yourself in the shoes of other people more and pay more attention to understanding their attitudes and behaviours.




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