Other Lives but Mine by Emmanuel Carrere

Other Lives but Mine by Emmanuel Carrere

From the author of bizzare and amazing “The Moustache”, and the frightening “The Adversary”, this non-fiction novel, a blend of biography and auto-biography, is a kind of good idea: using the lives of others, those who undergo life changing experiences, such as finding themselves victims of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, to reflect on their own lives and relationships, as well as tracking the effect of the lives of these others on his own life, his approach to relationships and life in general. That this is non-fiction is definitive: this is not merely a novel based on true events. There is something about the fact that this is based on what really happened, and what was happening, to the author, that render it something else completely. Another interesting read from the best French author you’ve probably never heard of (according to The Guardian).


Mr A


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