The Fastidious Assassins by Albert Camus

The Fastidious Assassins by Albert CamusA previously undiscovered series of essays by Camus? No, just a heavily abridged version of “The Rebel”, which is barely acknowledged in this volume: just a tiny little “L’homme Revolte” floating around in the publishing history at the front of the book. Better off reading The Rebel”; that said, this is a nice reminder of the effort Camus made to move beyond the “Myth of Sisyphus” and plunge into history and to start telling people how to live their lives: don’t be killing people. Rebellion and revolution are shown to always end up eating themselves, and Camus gets no further than touching on the old problem of absolute freedom clashing with absolute justice.

Apparently: “In the inborn impulse to rebel… we can deduce values that enable us to determine that murder and oppression are illegitimate and conclude with “hope for a new creation.”

So maybe read the longer “The Rebel” to find out how.

Mr A


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