The Brooklyn Follies by Paul Auster

the brooklyn follies by paul austerA later novel by Auster – from 2005. At least this novel hangs together pretty well. It’s a little farfetched in places, places where it shouldn’t be, and often a little heart-string-pull-y, also a little tactless in places, more than a little indelicate in the way it places characters and engineers situations, such that the reader might feel a little jaded upon the next kind-of-coincidence, what just so happens to happen, what happens to be around the next corner, so that when the inevitable does happen, just as when the surprising happens, the reader probably won’t bother themselves to be too surprised or too assured. This is a world made for the story, more than a story made for a particularly plausible and interesting world. A bit on the shallow side to make the reader really care.


Mr A


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