3.1 – Travel Writing – Year 7


Travel Writing is not that peculiar as forms of writing go; first and foremost, it aims to be engaging. How descriptive it is, how evocative & emotive, how persuasive, are all secondary. Creating good travel writing is all about engaging your reader.

Lesson 1: Objective: Detail, detail, detail – Pre-modification / Post-modification

Lesson 2: Objective: Interesting Nuggets – Noun Phrases

Lesson 3: Objective: to be economical, we’ve got to pack in the detail

Lesson 4: Objective: to be pertinent: to be spot-on: to be on the money – what’s all this ‘piffle’ we get in travel writing?

Lesson 5: Objective: to be pertinent: to be spot-on: to be on the money (Or:…how to hook your reader & keep pulling)

Lesson 6: Objective: Let’s get personal: making your reader feel like they’re not even reading …we’re just having a nice chat

Lesson 7: Objective: Impacting the reader’s emotions…making your reader feel… something, anything…

Lesson 8: Objective: how to be natural and quirky …be yourself – but go as far off the beaten track as possible 

Lesson 9: Objective: Make your page a cinema screen – how to be evocative

Lesson 10: Objective: show, don’t tell… you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink

Lesson 11: Objective: to steal, to rob, to take, to plunder, to half-inch…to be inspired

Lesson 12: Objective: gleaning – to gather leftover grain after a harvest…

keeping your eyes peeled for those kernels.

Lesson 13: Objective: planning – do we need a structure? …your reader desperately needs a strucutre.