Shakespeare Context

  1. How the Tudor dynasty shaped modern Britain

  1. Elizabeth I: Troubled child to beloved Queen

  1. How could you survive in Tudor England?

  1. Shakespeare’s Restless World

    5. Shakespeare’s Life

  1. Shakespeare and Literary Criticism

  1. Shakespeare’s Work

  1. Shakespeare’s London

  1. William Shakespeare Biography

  • The Shakespeare Paper Trail

Shakespeare Unlimited 

When British radio listeners voted William Shakespeare their “British Person of the Millennium,” the honor was entirely understandable. Shakespeare and his works are woven throughout not only English-speaking culture, but global culture. As you’ll hear in this series of podcasts, Shakespeare turns up in the most interesting places–not just literature and the stage, but science and social history as well. Join us for this “no limits” podcast tour of the fascinating and varied connections between Shakespeare, his works, and the world around us.

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